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LinkedIn.com profile; my online CV.
www.SWNZ.co.nz; SWNZ, Star Wars New Zealand.
SWNZ Message Boards; discussion forums for New Zealand Star Wars fans.
SWNZ on Facebook; Star Wars New Zealand Facebook page.
Twitter.com/StarWarsNZ; Star Wars New Zealand Twitter page.
YourProps.com profile; my collection on YourProps.com.
R2-D2.Dr-Maul.com; ongoing details of my life-size R2-D2 build.
Collectibles and statues; ...not afraid to admit that I've got a household full of toys.

Flickr.com/groups/SWNZ; Flickr group for New Zealand-specific Star Wars images.
Flickr.com/groups/Chronicles-of-Riddick; Flickr group for 'Chronicles of Riddick' props and costumes.
Flickr.com/groups/CostumesOfSparta; Flickr group for '300'/Sparta props and costumes.

(Please note - none of the items seen on, or linked to from, this website are for sale, and I am not taking commissions for figures, props or custom cards at this time).

Matt G/Dr Maul.

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